Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance for Business Owners
As a business owner you are responsibly by law to meet your fire safety requirements. However, even though you may think you have a fire detection and alarm system already in place, it is of absolutely zero use if it is faulty and not in working order.

Your fire alarm system […]

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Fire Maintenance Assumptions

Why Local Authorities should never make Fire Maintenance Assumptions
Following the Grenfell tower fire disaster last year, local authorities are now looking more closely their fire safety policies. There has been a realisation my many local authorities that their fire safety policies are based on assumptions that all properties, both social, commercial and private will have […]

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Fire and Rescue Service

Measures to Reduce Repeat non-emergency call outs implemented by Fire and Rescue Service
This year East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are beginning to increase their efforts towards reducing the number of false fire alarms and non-emergency lift calls. The new drive follows the release of figures showing that in the year 2016/17 the Service responded […]

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